I have news!

Delighted to share that I’m getting to do another rewrite/new edition of Chosen Spirits, and it will be called The City Inside, and will be published in the US next year by Tordotcom Publishing

The announcement is here.

It’s been almost two decades of doing this, and I can’t even begin to tell you how good it feels to be working with a legendary publisher of SF and fantasy: sometimes I go to their site and look at their author list just to revisit the imposter syndrome of my early 20s. To everyone who’s read things I’ve written before, thank you for sticking around, and to everyone who’s new to these parts, welcome aboard!

It’s a two-book deal, and I’m working on the next already. It’s not a sequel, but hopefully the beginnings of a new, unexplored space I’ve always wanted to work in.

Will resume the newsletter asap, a bit buried under deadlines at the moment. The next issue is more or less lined up, but thought this announcement deserved an issue to itself.

Okay, I’m off to do celebratey things. Take care, stay well, wear masks.

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